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16 January 2012

New Year and a New Start

Phew this blog is dusty - not used it for ages - back making beads again and have listed some here

Hope you like them!!

15 May 2011

Oh No!

Time just runs away with me.  I am off tomorrow to Amberley Museum for a 2 day fusing course.  Been wanting to try this for ages and am doing it the "proper way", by taking a course first before buying the equipment.  I have made beads lately just have to finish taking the pics and list on the website.

I love making Kitties and am planning some families!

13 April 2011

How Long ...

...ago did I blog?  Right that's it I will be dusting off the finger tips and doing more blogging from now on - to be continued ........

16 September 2010

Weekend Trip to Jervis Bay

Thursday (9th September) we travelled south and stayed in a beach house in Jervis Bay.

 Apart from a few showers and breezy moments the weather was kind to us - as hot as a UK summer! 

Our holiday home

... and here is the view from our bedroom and the deck!

On the way we stopped at Kiama for a sarnie and a quick look at the blowhole ...

On Friday we went to Green Patch beach - a lovely location with blue seas and white sands all to ourselves - Ron even went for a swim which encouraged the boys to strip off!

We went back next day and had a BBQ visited by a kangaroo who smelled the sausages!

Overall a great weekend!!

13 September 2010

Sydney Day 2

Well day one was arrival and jetlag so our visit to Aus starts on day 2.  We are staying in a suburb of Sydney called Randwick - own shopping centre and an easy bus ride to the city centre.  Staying with daughter Toni and family who are here for a year.  Flight was as expected but Airbus is quieter.

Alex went to preschool for the day and we went into the city.

Our first view of the magnificent harbour bridge.

Ron, Toni and Ollie in front of the Opera House

Ollie chose the biggest ice cream!

Ollie took this picture!

A short rest on the Opera House steps

After mooching around the harbour we had a picnic lunch in the botanic gardens the ibis are very tame and will steal your food at the drop of a hat.

Large flying foxes are hanging in the trees.

So peaceful it is hard to believe it is in the centre of a city.

3 September 2010

We're Off!

.... on our travels to Sydney!!

Watch this space as I hope to post pictures of our holiday.  Will miss the glass though ...........

24 August 2010

Lovely Silver Glass

Fire Opals

Aurae and Ivory

Clio encased in Count von Count