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27 February 2010

A Ramble

Well - last night I listed 19 sets of beads and sold 8 sets with in a couple of hours! Very pleased. Been out in the shed today after a trip to get my hair cut and a quick dash to the post office. I have some Reichenbach Multi colour that I am playing with and also some Cim Sangria which I have not used before. Just made some test beads today - will see what comes out of the kiln later.

26 February 2010

New Beads

Just spent the afternoon listing some new beads on the webby. Not one of my favourite tasks - one step up from cleaning them. Got some new glass this week and have also put in an order today for some of the new Cim colours. The whole weekend is stretching ahead - plenty of time for melting glass with a bit of relaxing in front of the TV watching rugby...

20 February 2010

My First Post

This blog will mainly be about my lampworking. If you want a peek at my studio there is a special page that describe it with some pictures. I hope to post on here once a week may be more often - we'll see. Today the sun is shining but it it still cold in the shed -1 deg C when I popped out to turn the kiln on so the heater is on as well. I will go out in a while to make some beads - no idea what yet I usually decide after I have lit the torch.

Be back later, Sue