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21 April 2010

Where Have I been

Can't believe I haven't been here for a while - I've just been to the Flameoff at Towcester - lots of lovely glassy things to buy and demos to watch - so I'll be trying out some new things. Tried out some faces - still need lots of work and they are a bit spooky!!

I've also been making a few standard beads which I will be listing soon. I am particularly fond of the tree bead.

3 April 2010

Trying Out Big Hole Beads

I recently bought some 5 mm mandrels from Manda at Mango beads and have been practicing. These beads are harder to make but Manda's mandrells have a thinner handle which makes it easier to turn them evenly. Just need to put silver cores in the top set now.
I've been busy with work lately but this weekend have had plenty of time to get out into the shed so should be putting plenty up for sale very soon.