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13 September 2010

Sydney Day 2

Well day one was arrival and jetlag so our visit to Aus starts on day 2.  We are staying in a suburb of Sydney called Randwick - own shopping centre and an easy bus ride to the city centre.  Staying with daughter Toni and family who are here for a year.  Flight was as expected but Airbus is quieter.

Alex went to preschool for the day and we went into the city.

Our first view of the magnificent harbour bridge.

Ron, Toni and Ollie in front of the Opera House

Ollie chose the biggest ice cream!

Ollie took this picture!

A short rest on the Opera House steps

After mooching around the harbour we had a picnic lunch in the botanic gardens the ibis are very tame and will steal your food at the drop of a hat.

Large flying foxes are hanging in the trees.

So peaceful it is hard to believe it is in the centre of a city.

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